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Dr. Rüdiger Grimm (at Hambacher Schloss, June 2019)

2005-2015, Rüdiger Grimm was Professor for IT Risk Management at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University in Koblenz . He is still active in his faculty as a teacher and researcher. Currently he is also a scientific consultant and Ombudsman for Good Scientific Practice of the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) in Darmstadt. Since 2018 he supports the primary Christian-Morgenstern-Schule in Darmstadt as a privacy officer, as well as as assistant teacher for IT and considerate Internet usage.

He Studied Mathematics, Physics, Music, and Information Science in Göttingen, Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Germany. Diploma in Mathematics in Göttingen. Doctorate in Informatics in Frankfurt. He worked as secondary school teacher in Dodoma, Tanzania (1977-79), as programmer in Dresdner Bank, Frankfurt (1980-81), and as scientist in the Computer Center of the University Essen (1982-85).

1985-2000, Rüdiger Grimm was scientist in the Fraunhofer SIT, since 1995 head of the department "Marketplace Internet". He was co-author of an e-mail system (DFN-Ean, 1985-88) and of a security toolkit (Secude, 1988-90). 1993 dissertation on fair negotioation of contracts, 1994-2000 invited lectures on IT security in University of Frankfurt/Main.

2000-2005 he was Professor for Multimedia Applications in the Technische Universität Ilmenau. Additionally, R. Grimm headed the research group "Security for Virtual Goods" in the IDMT - Fraunhofer Institute for Media Technology in Ilmenau. In cooperation with the Internet Technologies AG, business models and technical solutions on virtual goods like digital music have been developed.

He is member of several German and international program committees, of the editing board DuD - Datenschutz und Datensicherheit and of the editorial review board of the International Journal of Information Security and Privacy. Since 2010 he is fellow of the German GI - Gesellschaft für Informatik.

Rüdiger Grimm is married and has four grown-up children and three cute grandchildren. We share the hobbies books (fiction), music (self-made), singing (in choirs), jogging (slowly) and the mountains and lakes of Kärnten (South-East Austria). In April 2018 his first collection of fictional short stories - in German language - has been published: "Die sorglosen Jahre".

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